Friday, May 10, 2013

Gofuku no Hi

Gofuku no Hi is May 29th. It is derived from the date May 29th: 5-2-9 is go-fu-ku, gofuku also means traditional clothing. Because of the pronunciation, May 29th was made into an excuse to enjoy wearing kimono! Along with word of mouth, there is a Japanese Facebook event page promoting Gofuku no Hi call "I wear kimono on May 29th" or "529 Kimono Kimasu". Here is a translation of the event from their page:

Who can participate:
- Any kimono enthusiasts
- Young and old, amateur and expert, everybody!

- Wear kimono on May 29th
- No specific type of kimono, how it's worn, location, or time
- You do not have to make up a special reason to go out in a special kimono. Just go about your regular day.

If it is alright to do so, go to school or work in kimono, or perhaps go to lunch, relax, go shopping, any sort of meeting, event, after work, during family time, a get-together, or just wander aimlessly to buy chips and a soda from the convenience store. There are various opportunities to wear kimono.

*There is no specific plan to gather at a specific place for this event. You can share your Gofuku no Hi accomplishment on your own personal blogs, HP, SNS, forums, or other online sites.
Please share with your family and friends!

* Advertising of Gofuku no Hi is partially word of mouth, and partially through promotion by the participants.

What a wonderful excuse to wear kimono just for fun! Let's enjoy wearing kimono how you like on 529, Gofuku no Hi!

FB event listing:

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