Thursday, August 30, 2012

Kimono Fashion Show Videos

In June, the STKC attended a kimono fashion show at the Nagomi Tea House in Seattle. The Nagomi Tea House has shared videos of the fashion show on their tumblr page! If you were unable to attend, or want to rewatch the show, here are the Youtube videos below. You can also see the photos we took and read about our experience on this blog post.

Part 1, men's kimono, tsumugi (worn modern style):

Part 2, men's hakama, furisode (with obi change)

Part 3, furisode (modern style), furisode, men's denim kimono, tsumugi, komon, tsukesage

Part 4, Komon worn modern style, ro tsukesage, iromuji, houmongi

Unfortunately, there isn't a 5th part to show the furisode ensembles.

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