Thursday, May 24, 2012


Welcome to the Seattle/Tacoma Kimono Club! This is an informal club for anyone with an interest in kimono. We hope to schedule many events and meet-ups in which to go out and enjoy wearing kimono together.

You may visit or join our Facebook group here:

Rules and notes:

I don't have many rules, really, except - Please be respectful. People come from various backgrounds, and have different kimono styles, preferences, and kitsuke skill levels.

Please no spam, trolling, insults, or lying.

Age - No age limit, just please make sure you have your parent's permission, and bring your parents with you if the event requires parental supervision.

Cosplay - Cosplay is certainly welcome here! I feel that anime and cosplay are an important aspect of drawing interest to the world of kimono and wafuku, and attributes to growing interest in kimono. My only request regarding cosplay is please dress for the occasion! If we are planning a meet-up at, say, a koto recital or fancy garden party, it may not be the best venue to wear a Rurouni Kenshin cosplay. Sakura-con, Cherry Blossom Festival, Aki Matsuri, and other culture festivals are great events if you prefer to wear wafuku-related cosplay!

*Wearing kimono to an event or meet-up is NOT required! Just suggested, and really fun! ^.^
If you attend a club event or meet-up and do not wish to have your picture taken or published on the club's blog or Facebook page, please let the administrator (Amanda) know.

If you do not know how to wear kimono, or would like to learn or practice, or if you do not own any kimono yet and are looking for where to buy - please ask. I would like the Seattle/Tacoma Kimono Club to be a local resource anyone who would like to learn or improve their kimono dressing skills. If the club administrator or any of the other club members are willing and available, we can certainly try and answer any questions or try to set up a kimono dressing practice session. Just keep in mind that we wear kimono as a hobby and are NOT professional kimono dressing instructors.

Contribution - If you have a personal blog or other website and would like them added to the links list, let me know! Also, feel free to suggest any events, meet-ups, or anything else you'd like! Feel free to tell others about the kimono club. Let me know if you would like any business cards or promotional material.

That is about it! Let's have fun! 

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